Monday, August 26, 2013

Sowing Circles

While flying over Colorado I saw the irrigation circles and immediately knew I needed to make it into a quilt.  This one measures 22"x24".  It is machine appliqued and quilted - no fancy techniques.


Tobi said...

Your idea is good and well executed, but to me, it needs something to help the eye move around the piece, maybe the shadow of the plane to give a feeling of the distance from which you are viewing the scene.

Linda Mac said...

I have also noticed the crop circles when flying to/from Denver. I love Tobi's idea of including the shadow of the airplane. This could be done with black net.

fastfriday said...

Crop circles are a great subject. I like the feeling of distance and looking down on the scene. It also reminds me a little of waterlilies in a pond (except the color suggests san, not water). Very creative.