Sunday, September 29, 2013

Lady in Heels

We have been on the road a lot recently, and I spotted a lady in heels, filling her tank.  Snapped a quick reference photo, and tackled this using negative shapes.  This was quite a challenge, but I like how she is turning out.  No telling when it will all get appliqued and quilted, so I am posting another pinned piece.  I hope everyone sticks with this challenge, even if it gets difficult.  I am excited to see what we all come up with!!


Marilyn Wall said...

I love the choice of fabrics for this piece. I can't wait to see how you quilt. Great use of negative space.

fndlmous said...

Excellent idea, but I see a noose on the left side and am wondering if this was intentional. If so this would make an interesting comment on our dependence on fossil fuel. If not, is this something you might want to change?
Pat F in Winnipeg
aka fndlmous

fastfriday said...

Pat, I also saw it as a noose, after I stepped back and looked, although it is the way the gas hose was hanging. Part of the loop will be cropped off. I just noticed the interesting negative spaces, when I saw this woman in her heels, and her dress blowing in the wind, and I thought it would work well for this composition.