Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Square Thinking

Tobi, you're a darling... This was proving soooo frustrating to post..
Any how, now I'm here.. This is Press. 4 by 6 inches (postcard size).  Fused, Oakshott fabrics, free-motion quilted on a treadle Bernina, inspired by the iron that started it off...

I've been recovering from a major tree-attacked-my-car moment, am really glad to be back.. Hello again
And thanks..


fndlmous said...

I'm not sure how the letters fit in, unless you took the photo while the card was resting on your keyboard. Obviously this unexpected element provides food for thought!
Pat f in winnipeg

Helen Howes said...

Yes, the desk has little space for imagery.. And they give scale..
My Powerbook is my friend..