Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cubed Bass

This was an interesting challenge.  Even though I’m familiar with Picasso, Braque, Cubism, and the general visual style, I had a hard time bending my mind around the concepts and how those might be implemented.  I wanted to do something “painterly,” but that was even more challenging given the nature of pre-printed fabrics.

Some time back I had snapped this picture at a local street festival when a musician laid down his double bass for an intermission.  The image had good visual detail and creative potential, so I attempted to apply Cubist concepts in the form of distorted perspective, abstracted shapes, deconstructed imagery, and alternate colors.  Since I really enjoy play with color, that part came easily, but I struggled with the planer aspects of Cubism and being looser with the composition.  This is what I came up with.

In the end this challenge helped me appreciate Cubism as the profoundly groundbreaking moment it was and the instrumental role it played (and continues to play) in modern art.

Feedback is welcomed.

Robert Hartley


Helen Howes said...

This looks as if it was grown, not made..
The inversion of colours is most successful too.
I cropped it (can't post the image) and preferred a smaller border.. I think the image is strong enough not to need it

fastfriday said...

I love this. Your interpretation of this instrument using cubism concepts is phenomenal. I love the border fabric, but I agree with Helen that it could have been somewhat narrower to let the strength of the image dominate. Beautiful work!! Pam Clark

fndlmous said...

wonderful interpretation of the theme. Obviously you put a lot of thought into it and produced a very well done piece. I thoroughly love the colours, but agree that a narrower border would have enhanced the focus of the piece.
Pat f in winnipeg