Friday, November 29, 2013

Butterfly trio

I tried a couple of things before finally settling on this little trio.  I was inspired by the article on the presence of butterflies  in the belief system of  Pre-Columbian Central Americans.  I was also taken by the description of the use of stamps to embed butterfly images in pottery.  I created a stamp using Craftfoam and matt board.  The image was taken from the breast plate shown on a statue.  First I stamped the black out line and then painted in the coloured areas.  The entire piece was free-motion echo quilted ( Boy, does my FMQ'g ever need practice!) I felt that the binding needed to be black to frame the images.  Despite a couple of paint blobs and smears, I have become quite attached to these little critters,and hope to use the motif in other work in the future.  Any comments would be welcome.

Pat F in Winnipeg


ann said...

Love the simplicity. It does inspire me to think about 'native beliefs.'

Marilyn Wall said...

Pat, while there have not been many pieces posted so far, I have been impressed with the creativity and originality of those who have done this challenge.
Not that other challenges have not taken a lot of thought but this one has taken a bit more research.
I love the colors and simplicity of your piece and am glad you will be using the stamp again. I agree that the black binding helps confine the art.

LindaBN said...

I love the vibrant colors and simplified design. Absolutely beautiful!

Meena said...

I love the technique and vibrant colors!