Monday, December 23, 2013

Butterfly Mobile

When I saw the mention of butterfly mobiles I got excited and inspired.  The first butterfly took 4 days.  I used florist wire for the stiffening.  Unfortunately, it is not strong enough to do what I wanted.  I have already made wings for 7 more butterflies.  Not sure how I will handle those.  For now, I hope you can imagine the movement.  Because they are so light weight, it takes very little to set them in motion.  That is my favorite LIKE about this project.


Meena said...

I can feel the movement.. great job!

Marilyn Wall said...

Ann these are beautiful. I have often use florist wire in my butterfly wings but they are partially sewn down. It works well for that purpose. Perhaps a stronger wire would work to hold the structure secure.

I love that you chose to make a free standing, or in this case, free hanging piece of art for this challenge. Beautiful.