Thursday, December 12, 2013

Butterfly - OOOOoooops

My butterfly became a dragonfly.  And I confess, I don't have a myth or legend about it.
I really like the fabric I found for the wings.  And you have to imagine stems on the flowers on the lower right.  Maybe I'll couch some yarn or ribbon for the stems.  I may tilt him a little more to the right before stitching him down.  Not sure.  What do you think??

Karol Kusmaul


Marilyn Wall said...

Karol, butterfly, dragonfly who cares. I don't think you need stems for the flowers I like them as they are. I think it's up to you whether to tilt the dragonfly more or not. I like it, your choice of fabrics really adds to the creativity of this piece,

Marilyn Wall said...
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Meena said...

I like the neat fabrics of the dragonfly. It is already tilted and looks just fine.