Thursday, January 23, 2014

Challenge #89, January 24, 2014: Blue . . .

Hostess:  Ann E. Ruthsdottir
Title:  Blue . . .
Due date: February 1, 2014

Theme:  Thinking blue
When I think about blue, countless themes come to mind: blue bloods, blue mood, the Blue Man Band, blue skies, blue water, Blue Ridge Mountains, Blue Stocking Society, blue collar, blue ribbons, etc. Blue is often used to signify the best quality as well as the lowest emotional mood.

Blue was my Mother's favorite color, not mine. However, I am painting my bedroom a shade of blue-purple. Not sure if it is to remember my Mother. It just seems to appeal to me at this point in my life.

Blue is the most popular color for decorating a home. My first table ware was white with blue decoration. My neighbors got together and got 'the first set free' at a Kroger promotion. I tired of the decoration, but loved the gift of friendship.

My challenge is to create a quilt that makes one think “blue”.

Technique:  Limited color palette
The major color should be blue. It is OK to add white and black and ONE other color. These should be minor additions; just an emphasis on the BLUE theme. Any subject that appeals to you, real or imaginative; traditional, modern, abstract or 'art' quilt

Following are some links to BLUE sites that hopefully will give you some ideas. I tried to put the ones I thought the best first. I got totally overwhelmed with all the gorgeous eye candy that is on-line.


Matisse also had a BLUE period

Biblical uses of “blue”: or

Blue quilts

Video: Hungarian Blue Quilts, Houston Quilt Festival 2012:

More references to BLUE
Depression Awareness Week: 11 Artists Who Had Blue Periods

And to find more references, just google “Blue”!

One final note: have fun with this!

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