Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Field of Square Posies

Blue is not a color I use often, so when the challenge was announced, I was on the fence. But after all, it is a challenge, so I pulled what few blues I have and came up with this piece, Field of Square Posies, which measures 12 1/2" x 9 1/2". I thought I added only a bit of yellow, so was surprised to see  a bit of green as well. Sorry, I didn't notice this until the quilt was finished!
All comments are welcome.
Ann In Fallbrook, CA


fastfriday said...

Great sense of whimsy! A fun collection of fabrics. I wouldn't worry that other colors may be showing -- the piece works. Good job.

Robert Hartley

ann said...

Basically it looks blue. That is what I had in mind for this challenge. Striking color combinations and composition.

Linda Mac said...

Nice abstraction of the flowers.

Tobi said...

The small image shows a great sense of whimsy. When I clicked on it to see it larger, I saw the stitching of leaves, and I love that, wish it stood out stronger. And nicely framed, because I can see that the wavy edges of the black corners is continued subtly on the other corners.

Anne Sonner said...

Fun funky, chunky flowers!