Wednesday, April 02, 2014

In Focus

When I first read this challenge, I immediately thought that it would require a gradation dyeing, but knew that one week just wouldn't give me enough time to set up the wet studio that only exists around here in summer. ( We still have huge amounts of snow and freezing temperatures).  Then I remembered that I had some remnants from grey and black gradation dyeing I did a few years back.  However, I could only come up with a range of three that worked together.  So, I added black and white, even though neither is really part of a true grey scale.  However, it still needed more.  Since the grey I had, appeared to have a very slight shaded teal undertone, I used the red-orange as a complement, and think it works fairly well together. 
 The piece is 12" by 12"


Karen Markley said...

This piece is very nice. I like the symmetry of the grid and the placement of the circles. If you look at the gray card that Blick and others produce, you will see black and white as the extremes. So you are correct.

Anne Sonner said...

This is an intriguing image. The red suggests fire. The squares possibly a tile floor. The circles and red pieces seem to jump out of the picture.

ann said...

FABULOUS! This challenge really confused me. I think you have made a wonderful work of ART.