Wednesday, May 07, 2014

A Nurturing Grandmother

A Nurturing Grandmother

As I await the birth of my first grandchild any day now, I aspire to be as nurturing as my own grandmother who sacrificed a lot and taught me so much. Most family and friends have told me having grandchildren is much more fun than having kids. I cannot wait to take on my new role as a loving grandmother!

Materials and Techniques

Heart body, head, arms and lips designed in Make the Cut software and cut with my electronic cutter and embellished with lock washers for the eyes.
The background: acrylic and metallic paints, gold mica flakes, glass bead gel on canvas


Linda Mac said...

Having just watched the high school play Alice in Wonderland, this piece reminds me of the Queen of Hearts.
Unfortunately the Queen was not the loving grandmother type, but I know you will be.
I like the caricature you created.

Karen Markley said...

I love the little grandma part. but the background fascinates me. I would like to hear more of how you created it.

You will be a good grandma, but it is exhausting! you will be glad to send them home.