Thursday, May 22, 2014

Challenge 93: The Colour Purple

Host: Pat Findlay
Title: The Colour Purple
Theme: Exploring colour theory
Technique: Use of the Colour Wheel
Due date: May 31, 2014

Did you know that purple was the colour chosen to represent the Suffragette Movement?  Or that Feminism adopted purple, as a theme colour, in honour of that association? 

The challenge will be to create a piece that uses the colour purple in a symbolic way. 

Technique:  use the colour wheel to create a specific colour arrangement,( i.e.complementary. analogous, split complement etc.) one  that must  include the colour purple.  Tell us a bit of how you decided which colours to use, and how the symbolism associated with the colour purple influenced your choice.

Symbolism and psychology surrounding the colour purple. Everything  you ever wanted to know about the colour purple, and more: or         

A quick reference of the use of purple in fashion and art since the Renaissance: 

Symbolism associated with the colour purple: 

The Many Meanings of Violet / Purple:

Examples of purple in art work:

The Purple Cat -- quilted art work:

And one more thing: have fun with this! :)

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