Saturday, May 03, 2014


Even though I may aspire to be many things as an artist, the one thing that seems to overshadow everything is my desire for order in my life.  Constant frustration at not being able to find that fabric, that pattern, that tool!   So, here it is.  I’m sorry I didn’t limit my palette.   The more I worked on it, the more I saw that my stash is a large part of my discontent.  And,  I was at a retreat with nothing more than a sack of fabric and some fusible. 


fndlmous said...

I, too, am finding that my stash is becoming "part of the problem". But I see yours has a range of values, something that mine appears to lack. I salute you for attempting this challenge. I found it one of the most difficult we have ever had.
Pat F in Winnipeg
aka fndlmous

Meena said...

The fabric arrangements convey your title so well.
I also spend too much time searching for things in my sewing room... reorganization and order should be one of my goals, too!

Linda Mac said...

I like your Order out of Chaos. The title and the piece are so perfect for each other.