Thursday, June 26, 2014

Fast Friday Fabric Challenge #94: The Call for Entry

An early start this week – enjoy!

Fast Friday Fabric Challenge #94: June 27, 2014
Challenge Hostess:   Karen Markley
Title:                     The Call for Entry
Theme:                Any Call for Entry not yet passed
Technique:         Any called for in the Call
Due date:            Saturday, July 5th at noon EST

We’ve all seen them – the Call for Entry.   Some have acted on them and some have not.  Most of us are intimidated by them; we want to enter, but we think on it until the deadline has passed.  Or, we start and it isn’t going the way we like, so we abandon it.

Many artists work instinctively – a one-shot deal – starting with an idea and working on it until it is done.  Good or bad.  But, the best thing to do is a little planning – no surprises – a mockup of ideas that tells us what the finished product will be.

So, that said – I have listed several resources of current calls.  Pick one – make a small piece in the format of the Call – square, rectangular, portrait or landscape.  Don’t focus on technique as much as on the design – make notes on possible embellishments, techniques that might enhance the finished product, but don’t necessarily do them.  Once done and posted, consider seriously moving forward and making that finished product for entry.

To get an idea how one artist starts working on a new piece, see the process employed by Swiss Artist, Ursula Kern: -  

The best list of current calls is on the SAQA website.  You do not have to be a SAQA member to enter many of these calls, but it is worth the price of membership to be able to. 

Cherrywood Fabrics is having a challenge called Wicked, after the Musical – For a $35 entry fee they will provide you with 4 fat quarters of their luscious hand-dyed fabrics to use in your entry.   or

The Hoffman Challenge is one that you may see at quilt shows, with numerous categories:

There should be more than enough on these websites to get your head spinning with ideas, but feel  free to search for others.  Make it your goal to enter at least one of these this year.

And one more thing: have fun with this! :)

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