Thursday, July 24, 2014

Challenge #95: Running with Scissors

Challenge Hostess:  Lisa White Reber
Title:  Running with Scissors
Theme:  A quilt inspired by paper cutouts, like those by Matisse
Technique:  Applique is the most obvious. Can  you do it with piecing? Free-form?
Due date:  August 1, 2014

Did you like cutting out paper doll chains when you or your relatives were little? Remember cutting out paper snowflakes or five-pointed stars? Have you seen Scherenschnitte? All of these are design resources for this month’s challenge.

[Note for our quiltart members: this challenge was written up shortly before the recent Facebook discussion and the creation of the “Running with Scissors” blog that began as a blog entitled “Friends of Quiltart”.  I debated changing this challenge name, but couldn’t decide on anything better.  And after all, this came first! – Tobi]

Quilts: This is really Matisse, but I had a brain cramp when I first posted, and can’t change the hyperlink.

Results of a Google image search for Hawaiian Applique:

Non-quilt work:

How to fold a 5-pointed star:

One blog by a Scherenschnitte artist:

And one more thing: have fun with this! :)