Friday, August 01, 2014

My Orange Hat

Well, I started this yesterday, and it's layered but not quilted.

I use these challenges as a way to try new techniques, and in this quilt I tried improvisational strip piecing and also used a flange in the knife edge finish. I was so glad to have "The Ultimate Guide to Art Quilting" by Linda Seward on hand - it helped get me past the first time terrors.

Since I'm hosting the challenge and mentioned free-form, I figured I'd have to try it. My goal was to get the feeling of paper doll chains, and I'm pleased with the result. My piecing improved from start to finish, so I'm also pleased about that.

I'm less pleased with the placement of the four-patch section on the lower left. I wanted a touch of orange other than the hat, but it would be better if it extended to the edge, or had white space above it and below the blue bodies, or both.

That's it for today - for some reason I feel very motivated to clean the studio & storeroom, so that's an opportunity that's not to be missed! Thanks for looking!


Karen Markley said...

I love it. Don't bash your work. It is very effective.

Catherine Lewis said...

I like this, for one thing my favorite color combo of blue and orange, and also like the freeness of the piece. I
wanted to tell you that I just opened a package from Amazon with that exact same book in it!
Can't wait to see what lies between the covers :-)

Tobi said...

Your simplicity says volumes here. I hope you post another picture when you've finished it. Maybe you could use some more orange in the quilting.