Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Chronicles of Norton

I love cartoons - both reading them and creating them; and when I can use fabric to make my point, I am especially happy! I created a character called "Super Geek" for a cartoon I did a while ago and it was easy and fun to turn him into "Norton - Spam Buster" for this challenge. The words read as follows: "Welcome to a brief glimpse into the Chronicles of Norton. On his home planet of Earth he is just another mild mannered geek...But once in cyber space he is transformed into Spam Buster, a modern day super hero sworn to protect computer users everywhere from villains such as The Stretcher, Hot Russian Babe, The Fraud Squad and many, many more!" I still need to put on the binding but that won't take long. My husband was appalled at this piece because he loved the background and thought it was totally wasted on a cartoon! Do you agree with him? Comments welcome.


Joni said...

Kathy, I am rolling on the floor laughing... this is a riot! I've never trusted "Norton Spam Buster" and you have shown him for the devious cad/flasher that he is! I love the hole in his sock...nice touch. Very Funny. Joni

LisaK said...

Kathy, I love it!! I love cartoons, and I think this is just great. Good job!

Lisa Konkel

Kathy Angel Lee said...

I love cartoons and people with the minds to figure them out and draw them. This one is too funny.

Cay Denise said...

Kathy, I really like your narrative! There is plenty of room for more of it. Have you thought about taking it further in this piece? This is a clever interpretation of a spam buster...one that I wouldn't have thought of, and it looks like you had fun doing it.