Sunday, February 24, 2008

Engagement Ring Deals

While browsing through my spam and the ones in the files, this one is the only one that flashed an instant picture in my head. So how could I say no? LOL
I used fusible appliqué, not quilted yet, because my leg isn't up to it yet and no matter how hard I try I just can't control the pedal with my left foot!
This was great fun and I have begun looking at my spam in a whole new way!
Just noticed, she is cheating and dealing from the bottom of the deck lol


Betty Donahue said...

How cute is that? I'm glad you couldn't say "no" to it.
Hope your leg is better soon.

Sonja Threadgill Nelson said...

This is great Cathy~O. I'm thinking of doing a series of these spam themes...wanna play?

Cathy ~o said...

So am I Sonja! Thinking what an amazing source of never ending inspiration! Not only do I want to do a lot more of these, but I also mentioned doing a class on them where I teach. My idea would be along the lines of a challenge, like here, Folks would pick a paper out of a bowl and have to make something using what's on the paper :-) Still in the thought process but has potential I think!

Kathy Angel Lee said...

Great interpretation of a play on words. The spam really lends itself to that.
Kathy Angel Lee

Cay Denise said...

Cathy, what a clever way to interpret the spam message! The dealing hand positions are wonderful! I hope you'll post a picture of it when it is finished. Hope your leg gets better soon.