Sunday, February 24, 2008

Fire Escape

Spam...... what on earth is it if you don't eat it???

So, with Jacque's 'help list' I found the words .... fire escape.. and using the 'play'factor of this Challenge, I did a play with the words and came up with this.
I overdyed a piece of fabric I was ready to throw out ..part of the playing...and didn't worry about square or exactly straight,[more playing], even raggedy--ed the edges, drew my person escaping the flames. I gave him some eyes, sprinkled some stamping sparkles on it to kick up the heat.
The quilting is in 'fire' motif with red and orange thread. Just did a wavy edge with my wavy blade cutter.
I am thinking I may 'play' a bit more later and attach this to a black piece of felt ..if I can get some.
Quite a challenge Jacque, and glad I could come up with something so I could 'play',
thank you.

Comments please, they are appreciated.......always.


Betty Donahue said...

Playing is good and you did a wonderful job doing it.

Joni said...

This looks dangerous... you'd better keep running. Looks like you had some fun making this one. I like all the motion in this piece. Joni

Kathy Angel Lee said...

Reading your comments I could just tell that you had a great time with this. Looks like the gingerbread man running from the heat of the oven!
Kathy Angel Lee

Cay Denise said...

Carole, I think Kathy's really named it in her comment about the image looking like a gingerbread man running from the heat of the oven!