Thursday, February 07, 2008

Portrait--not realistic!!

17" x 22" This was done this week in an on-line class with Pamela Allen. What you see here has been radically changed from the first attempt. The only original fabrics are those in the background! This type of work is extremely far from my comfort level and experience. I did learn a lot from Pamela in doing this---learned new ways to really see something. I also learned that I probably won't do this type of work again!! (I have learned not to say "never".) Everything is just spot glued---no applique or quilting.


Ann Morrell said...

I too have been doing Allen's class...I on the other hand have always admired her the freedom that it gives to the maker...I plan to incorporate her style into my style...I love the hand stitching part...something I have always refused to was a great class, wasn't it?

Sally said...

It is a wonderful class!!! Pamela's work is something I really enjoy---first time I've gotten hooked on this style. I cannot do the hand work---arthritic thumbs just won't cooperate.

Cay Denise said...

Hi Sally,

This piece is beguiling in the positive sense! It is bold and imaginative yet well-balanced. The eyes are made from a really intriguing fussy-cut fabric. The buttons down the front of the dress are the perfect color(s) that tie the entire piece together...without them it wouldn't work as well (at least I don't think it would).

In looking at the hair from a distance, the right side looks like another face in profile. Did you intend that?

I hope you don't abandoned this type of work, and I'd certainly love to see this when it is finished (if you decide to do so)!