Sunday, February 24, 2008

Some day I'll understand frequency

30" x 24 1/2"

The spam e-mail actually made it past all the screening and was the first spam received after the challenge was issued. The poetry following all the pictures of watches and handbags was stolen from the poet who goes by the name of "Epic Dewfall" ( (I contacted his agent and got permission to use this verse.)

The first verse struck me as special enough to be the focus of my piece. I never before used text as part of my work. I also pulled the pictures of watches from the e-mail and scattered them around. The pieces of petals came from something I started at Robbi Joy Eklow's class a year ago, which I knew I would never finish, but they fit the clockwork theme.

The clock hands are cut from black mat board, painted with pewter Lumiere paint, and needed to be glued down. If I had planned a bit better, I would have made sure they would not directly overlap any of the text.


Cherie in Del Mar said...

This is very cool Tobi! I particularly love the shape. How did you make your big fat welted edge...and are those giant beads on the ends?
Nicely done and neat poem!

Betty Donahue said...

What a great job. I really like things with different shapes.

Kathy Angel Lee said...

I like the shape of your piece. I never seem to get spam with neat poems like that. Your interpretation fits perfectly.
Kathy Angel Lee

Anonymous said...

Tobi, wow, this is deep. I have never gotten a poem in my spam. Mine is so crude.... ugh
I like that you made a clock section; maybe a more interesting shape than a whole clock face. Good job

Cay Denise said...

Tobi, I actually thought you were taking off of spam with a watch/clock theme. I never look at my spam, so I'm amazed there was any kind of poetry in one.

Your piece overall is very eye-catching, and I (too) like the padded/curved edge. In addition, the flowers are a great add and give the piece a punch of color!