Monday, February 11, 2008

A Tough Nut to Crack!

I moaned at the thought of creating a self-portrait; I had done one before, and didn't like it, but this time I at least a recent photo taken for a flyer for my current art display. I saved the face for last, and again, it just didn't work, so it sat for most of another week. I considered just cutting out the face and putting black fabric in for a touch of mystery, and finally thought of using a walnut shell, with the obvious title. The actual walnut was too small, but with a bit of help from Photoshop, I got it to fit! I had already made a fabric wood-trim border, so it's too late to make that a nut shell also.

The shirt has separate pieces for the collar and cuffs, and tiny doll buttons. The hair is from a purchased hair piece that I tried using on one prior attempt at a portrait of a friend; again I failed at making the face! The hair is a bit too dark, and doesn't show the encroaching white, but I don't see myself as that old anyway!

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Cay Denise said...

Hi Tobi,

Oh so hard on ourselves...we are!

Are you really a tough nut to crack? You've been very clever in solving the issue of drawing a face without drawing a face. It is in fact a very novel solution!

I like the oval orientation of the piece, and the white background and scalloped interior edges. No one would ever know this is your self-portrait, but there is a hint of your presence when comparing the piece to your photograph.