Saturday, February 23, 2008

Want To Be A Hero In Bed


This was the most fun I have ever had doing a challenge! I found myself laughing outloud each time I added another bizarre piece. I did the full size freehand sketch and then just started making templates and building like a puzzle.

Thanks for the great idea for a challenge Jacque! I loved it.

Feedback loved, as always...Cherie


Cathy ~o said...

this is great Cherie! I love all the little details, like her hat and his shield and sword and the blanket is terrific! One thing though...I hope he took his helmet off during the act...LMAO!!

Betty Donahue said...

I just love this. Pretty fancy sleep wear.

Joni said...

Cherie, I've always wanted a Knight in Shining Armor, but now I can see it might not be too practical. Very creative interpretation of the spam. Joni

Kathy Angel Lee said...

Nicely done. Made me think of the Bobby Darrin movie I watched over the weekend, Beyond the Sea. On his wedding night with Sandra Dee, she was terrified so he laid a sword in the middle of the bed. Told her he would not cross over the sword - she had to make the first move. Said it was an old custom from the time of the knights. So is there a sword in your in your bed?!
Kathy Angel Lee

Anonymous said...

Fun quilt.
The dimensional bits are so well done and bring it to life.

Cay Denise said...
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Cay Denise said...

Cute and very in keeping with a Medieval knight/lady bedchamber theme. The lace adds a great touch just as the headpieces! Nice interpretation of your piece's title, Cherie.