Saturday, April 30, 2011

He loves me

I did have this done earlier but not posted.

I adore Andy Goldsworthy, I especially like his spirals. My background is my deconstructed. I take a bunch of fabric sew it together, chop it up and do it again and again and again. Usually I'm done when there is an interesting scale to the piece. My flower petals are spiraling. I think if I did it again I'd do a brighter move vibrant pink border in fuchsia. Finished size 21 x 15 inches.

Thanks for letting me host!

In Sunny Seattle


Louise said...

What a beautiful background, this makes for some interesting shapes. I like the color choices as the are very serene to me. When I first looked at this, I didn't see the spiraling flower petals until I enlarged it. I think that they also would benefit from being a darker color to contrast more with the background.
Thank you for hosting, the challenge was great!

:Diane said...

Oh, Lisa, you did do a spiral, too. Ha! and you got your first petal placed just right. I agree with Louise that the petals might benefit from a deeper color. Maybe you could shade them with an Inktense pencil and then touch with a bit of water to smooth it out. (Sampling first is good.) The complex background is dynamite.


Madalene Murphy said...

There is a delicacy to the colors of this piece--the pink and light greens--that I like, with the squares of the background giving it stability. The leaves do show up better in the larger image and this may mean that they show up a lot better in real life. But if this concerns you, perhaps just a darker quilted midvein in each leaf might be all it needs.

Betty Donahue said...

I really like your spiral flower.

Pam Harris said...

I think deconstruction blocks are very liberating and produce an interesting, complex background. I like that the spiral curves off the piece. Thanks for hosting and introducing us to Andy Goldsworthy.

LAQuilts said...

Funny, I was looking into darkening the pinks, but a friend fell and love with the quilt and bought it from me.