Friday, May 13, 2011

Fern Reliefs for FFFC

This is my answer to the latest FFF challenge. Not sure if it really fills the bill. However, I really had trouble understanding the challenge, so this is what I came up with.

Like many of you, when I read a challenge, I get many ideas in my mind. This time I had a real block. After seeing some of the offerings, I got the idea for these ferns. I used real ferns, flour paste resist and then very close quilting.

Two Ferns, 11"x16"

Three Ferns, 11" x 16"

Comments are always appreciated.


Louise said...


I really like this piece. It evoke nature in a very real sense. I am assuming that you discharged the black fabric, am I right? The border colors go very well with the leaf center. I prefer the border with the quilted circles, Probably because they contrast with the linear patterns in the center. IMHO great job!

fndlmous said...

Interesting technique. I couldn't get a good enough view to determine where or how the flour paste resist fitted in,assuming that the ferns where discharged. The colours work well, and there is a very nice line created by the ferns themselves.
Pat F in Winnipeg