Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Solitude: A Trumpeter Swan

Juvenile Trumpeter Swan 20" x 30"

I love the theme of this challenge. The solitude found in nature is one of my favorite themes. For this challenge I wanted to revisit the image of the juvenile Trumpeter Swan that visited our lake in September 2001. That was a difficult month for me, as it was for many Americans. To make it harder, I was living alone in what is now my studio while overseeing the building of our house. My husband would drive up north for the weekends but during the week I was alone. The visiting swan came when most of our resident waterfowl had already departed for migration. I would watch him from behind the bushes and when he seemed used to my presence I began to feed him every evening. Over the next couple of weeks I spent a lot of time in his company and I found some peace. I took several photo and a few years ago made a quilted portrait of this swan which sold at my show last summer. (The photo is on my website the 45 Degrees North Gallery)

This time I wanted to show the swan in the setting of the lake, in the early evening, and covey some of the peace that came in the solitude.

This piece measures 20" x 30" and is gallery wrapped. The background is a piece of batik that I thought looked like rippling water.

Thanks in advance for your comments.


Cherie in Del Mar said...

This is truly beautiful Kathie! Your fabric choices and colors are spot on, and the quilting is perfect!

Solitude for sure...


fastfriday said...

Kathie, Masterful job - both sweet and gentle - perfect solitude, especially that unforgetable Sept. Sandi Cannarella

Tobi said...

Your color choice for the swan makes it stand out nicely. The background is interesting, though almost a bit too much going on. I find myself wishing the foreground plants stood out a bit more. Your detail picture looks complete in itself.

Ann In Fallbrook, CA said...

The water looks realistic and the highlight in the upper rt. corner perfectly suggests sunlight glancing off the water. The contrast of goose to water is wonderful and pulls your eye in, while the tree branch and leaves draw your eye through the piece. Good job!