Thursday, December 29, 2011


For Snowy Night I choose a black piece of fabric, and used bleach to draw trees. The trees were then stitched using various threads, and quilted. Snowflake beads were added last. Size 17" x 21".

Thanks, Tobi, for this fun challenge, and thank you all for commenting. I have missed the last few challenges due to having company and then a shoulder injury. I am getting back to normal now, and hope to catch up on some past challenges.

LindaMac in WY


Julia in NZ said...

Great idea to use the bleach pen and lucky your fabric discharged pale and not orange like some of them do. I love the snowflake beads. The contrast with the beads as forward flakes and the hazier bleach dots gives a good illusion of perspective. I also think having the tree trunks disappearing off the top helps focus the image on the snow and not the trees.

fastfriday said...

great use of black and white to depict the feeliing of snow in the trees. It is all so gentle and fairy land like.

Pat Havey

SusanPI said...

Linda- I think this is very unique
You took a chance with the bleach on the black fabric and it worked. The falling of the snow, the clinging to the surfaces it falls upon. The detail with the beads brings it all together. Thanks for the bleach tip. Great job:)

LAQuilts said...

I like your technique it worked really well for this piece. I would probably add a bit more quilting in the background.

Tobi said...

Early on Christmas morning, we had the gentlest snow fall ever, isolated flakes like those here, with no wind. There is a good sense of distance here, with the less distinct trees and snowflakes in the background. I think any further quilting there would have intruded on the quietness.

Jan said...

The little fir tree in the center looks like its trying to push forward to be seen from beneath its big neighbors. Reminds me of Silent Night. Welcome back and a great piece to return with.