Friday, December 30, 2011

Wind Blown

12 X 16

We have had a series of storms accompanied by high winds that blew the snow onto the vertical surface of the fence.

Snow is cheesecloth that was washed in a lingerie bag. Fence posts are the repetition. The background surrounding the quilt is carpeting and not part of the quilt. I should have hung it on the wall.

Thanks Tobi for an interesting challenge. I hear there are some interesting ice formations at one of the marshes in town so plan a trip to check them out for future inspiration.

Comments or suggestions appreciated.
Pam Harris


LAQuilts said...

I can't tell if the gray border is part of the quilt or the background. If it is part of the quilt it needs to be cut down. If not, the quilt is perfect, love the cheesecloth.

Tobi said...

The cheesecloth comes across beautifully as splotches of snow, and is itself a non-exact repetitive element.

Meena said...

I love ethe cheeselcoth, too

Jan said...

Wet snow does hang onto things. The cheesecloth snow looks almost real.

Susan B said...

The cheesecloth snow drifted against the fence is wonderful! What a great idea!