Sunday, December 25, 2011

Winter from the Window

16" x 20"

6/4/12 -- This piece just won Third Prize in the Framingham Artists Guild art show!

While I am thrilled that this piece actually came together so fast, I admit to being embarrassed to post first, since I am this month's host. Yet I swear, I did absolutely no planning of this before Friday! On reading the actual challenge post, my eyes hit the "look out the window" line (a late addition to my write-up of the challenge) and that was my starting point; it had to be a view from a window.

It's an imagined view. The trees are made from black yarn with eyelash yarn for the twiggy ends and the "repetition" part of the challenge. There is a bit of leafy silver on white tulle in the lower part of the window. A layer of white tulle serves as "glass" to slightly mute the scene and add a more wintry touch, and my husband insisted I needed to add cross bars to indicate window panes.

I welcome your comments, and hope you enjoy this challenge.


LAQuilts said...

I like your eyelash trees. I also like how the window is cropped.

Jan said...

I like the way you offset the window and put the trees outside. Great way to show depth. I think it might be better if you added a bit of the wall on top of the window or left off the wall to the left.