Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Window Study 1

Window Study 1
10" x 10"

The edge is gold lame. It is very difficult to photograph because of the sheen. If I made it more yellow, as it really is, all the other colors would be distorted. My final choice of fabrics was limited to what I call "lush". Those are fabrics like satin, velvet, textural upholstery, recycled ties, etc.

Photo Inspiration and Tracing

I originally did 7 panels. Hated one; into the circular file. I made each one individually as a separate little piece. When I finished, I re-arranged the panels because I like them better this way.

Color Evaluation

Color Inspiration was from a photo of fireworks over a body of water. Because I did not have rights to this photo, I'm just showing my color study. Obviously LOTS of bright colors.

Left Overs

My process was to get out my scraps and pick out those I thought might work. This is the pile of pieces that I picked out of my bags. I do think I should do something with this HUGE pile of bits and pieces. Found fabric scraps I had forgotten about. Lots of memories in this pile.


Cynthia Ann Morgan said...

Hi Ann, What a fabulous mix of lines, colors and textures! This is a really good example of the design & color study, too. You've got pure hues,tints, shades & tones and lots of interesting contrasts in color, intensity and value. You created a very interesting, exciting abstract piece. Great job! I wouldn't change a thing

ann said...

Thank you Cynthia. This abstract is a bit of a stretch for me. However, I also like this piece, so I am working on another 'windows' study. Love working small because I can get it done. The accuracy is another challenge. However, I hope 'to learn by doing'. Thanks so much for this wonderful learning forum.

fastfriday said...

I like the way you took your line inspiration and made it your own. Although I can see where the inspiration came from - it has a totally new look and feel that is all yours.


Louise said...


A very intersting piece which draws the eye in to see all the wonderful bits and pieces. You did a great job on your color choices. I appreciate the fact that you worked with varied fiber types which I am sure add a lot of textural interest.