Monday, March 26, 2012

Maine Sunset

This is from a photo I took in Maine in late November. The sky was a translucent gold and gray. The actual quilt is gold metallic fabric, but will not translate in my picture...darn! The fabrics are all sheers, metallics, and lace netting with gold cotton in the whole piece. The trees are thread painted over antique gold metallic mesh.This was a wonderful challenge...finally got me out of my funk.

Thank you Susan for a thought provoking challenge!

Your comments are welcome!



Linda Mac said...

Your metallics and sheers work wonderfully in this piece. I feel like I am standing there enjoying the view with you.

Susan B said...

Beautifully done. What an effective use of sheers. The soft colors are lovely while the red of those few trees bring even more life to the scene.

Louise said...

This is a lovely piece. The color and movement in the sky is wonderful. I really like all of the texture and interest you have added.

Jan said...

So serene and relaxing to look at. The other fabrics you used really add sparkle to this lovely piece. Your thread painting on the trees' branches are great! Wonderful job!

fastfriday said...

Cherie - Wow! What a perfect scene, so realistic that I can just feel like I am there in person. Great work - inspirational, too. Would like to try something like this myself. Wonderful. Sandi