Friday, March 30, 2012

silk setting sun

Hand dyed silk, cut into small fragments and fused to create color gradations. The final measurement of this piece is only 6" x 8". After construction, I am not sure about adding stitching.
Great challenge. Comments welcome.


Jan said...

Lovely job and beautiful colors just right for a sunset over the hills. I think quilting will really finish this off beautifully.

fastfriday said...

I can feel the heat from sun on my face. Your colors are grand. Your gradations excellent. The bits of yellow really make it all pop.

Pat Havey

Louise said...

Very nice use of color and contrast! My eyes are drawn to the beautiful sky area with all of the interesting shapes. The black hills really pop those colors. I would definitely add some quilting to this piece, it will really give it lots of life! Job well done!

Louise Page

fastfriday said...

Sue, This is a really beautiful piece - so realistic while being somewhat abstract. You have really captured a gorgeous sunset. Congrats. Sandi