Friday, August 17, 2012



I took a phote of this purple coneflower near Flathead Lake, Montana.  A few hours later the challenge was posted, so it seemed appropriate that this would be the flower for my challenge.  I have always been a fan of Georgia O'Keefe and thought maybe I could pull off something in her style, but I am dissapointed with the result.  This flower just doesn't seem to be the right type as so many of hers are much more sensuous up close. The closer I got to the flower, the smaller the quilt became, and I didn't see any improvement in the overall design.  But, that's what this exercise is all about; some are better than others.  I pre-quilted the background, stabilized the petals and then shaded them with water pastels.  I used two shades of pearl cotton for the stamens. 


Ann In Fallbrook, CA said...

Your quilt is very nice, Karen and I understand your disappointment with it. When I visualize Georgia O'Keefe's work I see super-close up views of her objects. While you have surely attempted this, you could come in even closer. Remember, it doesn't have to be exactly like your photo. So with that in mind, how about if you were to fill most of the space with the center of the flower and allow more of the petals to overlap? What if you changed the perspective so that the viewer is looking down into the flower instead of being centered at eye level? And add more highlights and shadows to the petals. I think you are well on your way to creating a fabulous work of art!

Louise said...


I agree with the suggestions which Ann made. I love your colors in this piece and can see all the possibilities which Ann alluded to.