Monday, October 08, 2012

Leaping Looper Fish

A planet covered with water must have lots of fish.  This is a Leaping Looper Fish.  Its side and top fins are loops of silk tubing.  The stone monolith is also a 3 dimensional loop.  What fun to imagine a new world of water!


Catherine Lewis said...

I love your happy little Leaping Looper Fish Peggi. You used 2 of my favorite colors to make it and I really like the smile on it's face as it leaps around in the waters of Loopiland!
Loopiland seems like a very cheerful planet judging by the photos posted here :-)

Tobi said...

I like your color combinations, the pinkish sea with the purple sky certainly give an alien feel.

fastfriday said...

I like this one too. The shadow play on the monolith really caught my eye! What would happen if you added some shading on the fish? Perhaps a little black iris in his eye and dark outlining on the body to make it even contract more? I love the colors too! Very nice. :)

Linda Mac said...

Great choice of colors. I love the loopy fins too.