Sunday, October 28, 2012

Porpita Porpita -- Blue Button Jellyfish

photo of Blue Button Jellyfish from Google Images

This started out to be something very different. However, when I finished the background in different shades of blue-green, it looked like water, so, after some research, I decided to make a Blue Button Jellyfish. I used several types of silk, which I love to work with. 

I added several types of embellishments, including yarn with holographic dangles. Then, of course, I added the buttons, tiny ones which I have been saving for just the right occasion.

I would welcome any comments or suggestions.

Marilyn Foulke
Louisville, KY 


SusanPI said...

Marilyn - This is beautiful! Great piece of art:)

SusanPI said...

Marilyn - This is beautiful! Great piece of art:)

fastfriday said...

Really nice tonality of blues.. I like the textures and shimmer of your background, too.. perhaps a bit more of something in the middle?

Linda Mac said...

Great use of buttons and tones. And it is beautiful. I love the wonky shape and the sparkles.

fastfriday said...

The color combinations are great. And, I like all the iteresting details and sparkle! Keep up the great work!

Robert Hartley

Tobi said...

The embellishments make the piece - so much sparkle they add! I'm curious as to the "something very different" that it started out to be, but it ended up as something very good.

Marilyn Wall said...

Great piece, very interesting that you found something so exotic to use as your subject. Thanks for including the photo of the real thing. You creation is much more beautiful.