Sunday, November 25, 2012

Golden Spiral

Golden Spiral or Fibonacci
This piece represents flying and falling in a storm such as Hurricane Sandy.  I was going for abstract, but I am a pictorial quilter by nature, and the NYC skyline found its way into the piece.

I began with a square and followed the Fibonacci directions to make it a rectangle, then made another square and rectangle in the upper right corner with red & orange thread.  The fabric was shibori painted in two directions, then dyed. The subdued colors represent the darkness of a storm. Free-motion quilting was practiced with variegated thread around all the horizontal storm lines which represent the wind. The vertical lines were enhanced with novelty threads and represent the rain pounding down.  The Golden Spiral is a wind gust, or could be a tornado brewing.  Hand-painted and dyed fabric  novelty threads, and netting. Finished size: 21" x 13".  Thank you Silvia for this fun learning experience.


Ann In Fallbrook, CA said...

Hi Linda,
Your quilt is really good.I like the subtle image of the NY skyline
superimposed with the very powerful representation of the storm. The dark diagonal lines contribute to the force of the wind. The gold line might do a more effective job of framing the scene if it were a bit higher off the lower edge, and a bit farther from the right edge. Just a thought!

Silvia "OrkaLoca" Dell'Aere said...

Hi Linda, thank you for taking part in the challenge! At first sight I didn't recognize the NYC skyline but then, once seen it, I can't ignore it in any way. This is a deep and emotional quilt that well represent also my feelings while listening on TV news about the hurricane.
I like how the golden spiral seems to quietly float regardless all the stormy sourroundings.
thank you for your quilt.

Meena said...

I also like the NYC skyline and the line aspect of the golden spiral over the entire quilt.

Tobi said...

You have achieved three visual layers in a single piece, with the skyline, the horizontal storm, and the spiral in front of everything. I also hadn't noticed the skyline at first, but once you see it, it's there! And notice that if you were to turn it upside down, it would still be there, light on dark.