Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Nightly Hot Flash Rituals: Ignition to Afterglow!


The quilt was designed in Make the Cut Software. It was cut with my electronic cutter using both the positive and negative shapes for the quilt.

Had a lot of fun with the titles including A Hot Flash Slumber, Dreaming in Technicolor and Hot Flash Blastoff among many others about my chronic condition.


Silvia "OrkaLoca" Dell'Aere said...

Hi Meena :) Thank you for your quilty reply!
Do I see well that this quilt is framed with cardboard? I also use this techniques, I love how the colours pops :)
The use of the negative shape is very interesting as it is the choice of use black fabric and then quilt on them with coloured threads.
I like it very much!

Tobi said...

I love the bright colors, and the almost fractal feel of the diminishing size shapes. It's nicely framed inside the oval.