Friday, March 08, 2013

Night Time Window

Size: 16½" x 14¼"

I finished this yesterday and took photos, but didn't post because I felt I really didn't have good enough lighting, but it's no better this morning with our heavy snow still coming down.

This is a rather three-dimensional piece, with the curtains coming out from the background and the little table is actually a little shelf of foam core.  I recently got that background fabric in a Sweet Treats collection, and even before this challenge came up, it said simply "wallpaper" to me!    I tea-dyed the curtains and tablecloth because they were too light for the contrast I wanted.  I made the bowl out of polymer clay and the flowers and leaves are separate pillow-like pieces.  The tablecloth is lace backed with fusible interfacing and edged with the same lace that edges the curtains.  The black sky seen through the windows is a glimmery black fabric, backed by a dark silver.  The last touch was a scattering of tiny foil stars that I came across in my stash, which I hadn't known that I had.

I'm not fully satisfied with the flowers, actually, and might look for miniature artificial flowers to replace them - let me know what you think!  Comments welcome.


CD MacKenzie said...

Tobi, this is so clever and adorable!!

You've done some amazingly inventive things in it: the polymer clay bowl and foam core shelf.

Does the Sweet Treats fabric already have the floral ribbon lines, or did you do that? It is really a perfect wallpaper!

The poofy curtains and 3D table/tablecloth are so clever and perfect for making the scene look quite real.

I love this piece (regardless of whether you change the flowers in the bowl or not)!

Susan B said...

This is a such a fun piece. Very clever and creative. I imagine it was really fun to make, too. You are right, the wallpaper fabric is perfect. I love the curtains! So real and 3-D. This is like stepping into a dollhouse. What a creative answer to the challenge!

Meena said...

Love the three dimensionality, too

Louise said...

You certainly reached deeply into your box of techniques and tools to create this piece. It is cleverly done, lots of fun to look at!