Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Aquatic Symmetries

~23" x 20"

For this challenge, I combined #62 from Wendy Wetzel, "Notan" and Pam Harris's #43,  "Under the Sea" -- and while combining those would give me  the wonderful title "No Tan Under the Sea", I decided not to inflict that on you!

Notan involves the use of pieces cut from one side and "reflected" on the other, and I realized as soon as I got started that picking a batik was a fortunate choice!  I started with the vertical line of reflection from a piece of the batik, then made a curved cut that would cover a missing piece of the background fabric.  It then seemed only logical to add a few more cut-outs in those lines -- and I could put in scraps of the blue behind those shapes!

And because they seemed to need it, I used fabric paint for the eyes of the fishes.

It's been a wonderful run for the Fast Friday Fabric Challenge.  I thank you all for participating!


Meena said...

Love it..especially the

Wendy said...

I love that you revisited Notan. Cathy Miller continues to reinvent this... I'll pass it along to her.
These challenges have been fun, but time and energy have waned for me, so I'm I total agreement with this being the end. It's been a great ride. thanks, Tobi!

Anne Sonner said...

Your fish quilt is wonderful! Interesting contrast with the red and the watery fabric. It works.

I have really enjoyed Fast Friday and am sad to have it end. I have enjoyed participating and wish I had done more.

Thank you!