Sunday, June 27, 2010

Geologic Wonder

I used a friend's picture as inspiration (with his permission). I tried to put a link to it but I guess Flickr had other ideas.

Anyway -- I used a paper towel that I had used for wiping paint for the mountain. Feathers for the bushes growing out of the rocks, and just strips of fabric for the rocks at the base.

This was the quickest one I've done in a long time.



fastfriday said...

creative use of feathers and also the paper towel technique! Chris Predd

Carole said...

Great imaginative use of 'other fibers' in this.Certainly the unexpected. I like the colors in the paper towel and the lines in it that create that rock strata.
And the blue below also shows the veins that appear in the strata...
a nice continum completing the picture.

fastfriday said...

hi Betty I love the rock done with the paper towel and the blue layered fabric below has a very earthy feel despite the color,(which I really love) but I am not sure about the red borders, was there a particular reason why you used them on only 3 sides?

Congratulations on finishing first by the way.

Kathy Walker

Ann In Walnut, CA said...

This is a fun piece, full of texture. I also questioned your use of three red borders until I realized that the lower edge is curved inward. The quilt would possibly benefit from some additional overall quilting.

Janice Paine-Dawes said...

I like the movement of your curved land on the bottom. The feathers are a cute idea but in my opinion, they don't add anything to the design. A suggestion for the red borders: if you add the same red on the bottom to square it off, but leave the curved land, you will create a curved mass at the bottom that will help balance out the great mountain.

Cynthia Ann Morgan said...

Hi Betty, love the colors in the rock and foreground and lots of wonderful movement. The only comment I have is about the red borders...what would it better with a less contrasting color? something analogous with the blue? I think the mountain would pop more and feel less boxed in.
Good job, Betty

Betty Donahue said...

Thank you for your comments and your questions.

I used the red border because there was a tinge of that color in the mountain and only on three sides to just make it different


fastfriday said...

Ah, OK I understand that you wanted to repeat the color of the rock. It is good design practice to repeat elements. However I think I would have introduced some of the red into the blue earth layers instead of using them to frame the piece. I do like the curve bottom edge though.

Kathy Walker

Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

Very nice texture, the paper towel makes a perfect mountain. I agree that a bit of red in the blue strata would perhaps give it more zing then the three red borders. To me the borders look 'unfinished'? Overall though I love your use of color in this piece, very nice job on this challenge.

Cherie in Del Mar said...

I love your mountain and the strata it sits on. I agree with others about the red repeated in the strata. I love the granite looking border, but wonder if the wide red borders tend to detract from rather than add to the overall composition?

Betty Warner said...

Your mountain and the blue strata are wonderful. The use of the feathers for bushes is unexpected and works. The papertowels - terrific. I agree with the others about the red border, but can see that you had some fun extending the mountain and feathers into it. I wonder if we wouldn't feed differently if that red border was narrower. Also, at first I was distracted by the background, thinking at first it was part of the quilt and wasn't it interesting that you included some piping away from the edge. (That is probably more about my eyes than the work.)

I enjoyed your work very much.

I enjoyed

Betty Donahue said...

Thank you all for your input. I do wish I had made the borders narrower or left it borderless.