Sunday, July 04, 2010

Fossils of a Different Color

Above is my challenge piece, a day late, which is better then I have been doing so I am not going apologize (too much ). I almost had it done on time but had problems with a quilting thread yesterday that I had to take time to unsew, then to make a decision about what to use instead and... you get the picture. I used reference photos of fossils found in stones to draw this large shell fossil. Actually it isn't that large the whole quilt is about 10 inches square. I carved 2 stamps and used Jacquard fabric paints to stamp the background. The large fossil has been machine appliqued down to the sandwich top, and I didn't do any additional quilting on it, just the satin stitch. I am thinking about adding some beads but not sure where or what color so for the moment I am letting it go as is. I have some in process photos and a bit more description of the making process for this quilt on my blog if your interested. Comments welcome.

Kathy Walker


Janice Paine-Dawes said...

This is a different take on the theme. I love fossils and have a collection of sea fossils. This looks like my prized Cosmoceras Proniae from Russia. Mine is pink and copper but I've seen them in all shades. I like your use of size variety and color.

Carole said...

Very, very interesting take... the fossils are such a great idea and must confess to liking your colors alot!
Kathy... I want to commend you on your binding... excellent job in making sure the miters are square. [the traditional teacher in me...] Adds so much to the professional look of your piece.
Well done... now off to your blog.

Joni said...

Kathy, I love the fresh colors you have used in this piece, and am impressed with the stamps that you carved. You used them well, I especially like the one overlapping the two background fabrics to unify the piece. Very nice work!

Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

Very nice Kathy, and a great take on this challenge. I too really like the colors.

fastfriday said...

I enjoy the movement and energy created by your piece.....I can't help thinking of ferris wheels. Your quilting is great. The detail makes the piece really interesting. Chris Predd

Cherie in Del Mar said...

Love the colors and variation of the fossils sizes. What if rather than beads you were to foil the light colored spiral to have that 'mother of pearl' look? Then maybe a few beads in the corresponding parts of the smaller fossils, hmm?
Very nice piece

Donna said...

This is a beautiful piece. alot of work and thought put into the construction and composition. It has a very tranquil and soothing feel. I like the positive and negative representations of the shell structure..How big is this piece? I like the idea of beads in sea/stone pieces...Donna of Sea Ranch