Thursday, July 29, 2010

Joshua Tree Sunset

Joshua Tree Sunset.It measures 19"X22 1/2".

I used 6 different sheers,3 different satins, and asparkle tulle to create the sky. Black suede cloth for the silhouette.

New to me was doing the silhouette in one continuous appliqué. As for leastfavorite color...I must cop out, as I just LOVE color and can't think of a single one that I don't.

Thanks Tobi for a fun challenge.Comments are welcome and very appreciated :-)



Tobi said...

Wonderful shading in this piece, rather illustrates the time of day I call "silhouette time"! And by the way, the "least favorite color" was meant as just one possible way to move out of your comfort zone.

Nancy Schlegel said...

That is an impressive silhouette to have cut out in one piece. Did you have fusible web on the back? How did you get those thin spiky points cut so well. Very well done.

Cherie in Del Mar said...

Nancy, yes, I used Mistyfuse on the back of the suede cloth for the silhouette. How did I make the spikey points?...brand new very sharp embroidery scissors :-)
I also extended the spikes with thread drawing.

Jan said...

Lovely piece. Almost looks like a photograph. The sparkle tulle worked great to create star effects in the night sky. I love Misty Fuse, but find it hard to cut fine points with vs. a paper-backed fusible. You have perseverance!

Ann In Walnut, CA said...

The sky is very striking and the trees are about as realistic as they get. Good job.

Julia in NZ said...

Lovely, Cherie. I especially like the smaller ones creating the sense of perspective. Sky is an excellent example of a simple idea executed well.

Carole said...

Cherie... this is very good... breath taking at a glance, so realistic. Love that sky! and the silhouette is perfect. Your quilting gives the feel of a breeze high up that moves only the clouds, and still on the ground.
I am so glad you did this!

Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

Well done Cherie, and how neat to cut the silhouette in one piece. As others have said it is very realistic. Love the job that you did on the sky with the sheers. That is something for me to keep in mind.
Wonderful job on this challenge.

Betty Warner said...

What everyone else has already said. This is a gorgeous piece. Great sky, great silhouette. Great use of sheers. I am in awe.

Terrific response too the challenge.