Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Three Forest

I love trees and drew a picture very similar to the one I drew and used for this several years ago. I tried several new methods in this project. First I've always wanted to but never did know how to screen print. I bought myself a small kit a couple of weeks ago and used it on these trees. I made the design and then inked it onto 3 different fabrics. I then cut out the trees and fused them to the background. I used several old pieces of fused fabric scraps and cut grass from them. Another new try was an uneven edge top and bottom but instead of mitered corners I tried square corners. This I had difficulty with so probably won't use it again. Then of course the beads as faux leaves on the trees. I'm not much of a beader but opted to use them for this small forest of trees, thus the name 'Three Forest'.


Tobi said...

A lovely piece -- you have really followed the spirit of this challenge!

Betty Donahue said...

Beautiful job.

Cherie in Del Mar said...

Very cool Jan...It puts me in mind of a swampland forest. Most effective, repeating the same design! I have been 'building' silkscreens to prepare for my maiden voyage into screening :-) I'm especially interested in deconstructed silkscreening...just haven't had the time (read...the guts) to try it yet. LOL
Your curvy bottom edge seems to draw me deeper into the forest.
Nice work

Carole said...

What fun Jan!.. So many new techniques... fun trees and the edge treatment is appropo!
Is is safew to say we will see more stylized trees from you?
A very fun, happy piece.

Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

I really like this piece, it has great depth and overall appeal. Wonderful job on the challenge.

Betty Warner said...

This piece is very successful. The screenprinted trees are terrific. the grass is just right. The repetition of the quilting lines in the wavy bottom is what draws you in to the piece.

Great job meeting the challenge!