Saturday, June 04, 2011

Art Deco WILD Alaska Red Salmon

18” X 31”
The Copper River Red Salmon are considered the world’s best eating salmon. They spawn on the glacier fed Copper River which is one of the swiftest and most rugged rivers in Alaska. Because it is so swift, the returning salmon must store extra fat and oils in order to survive the trip to their spawning grounds.
Quilt is all machine stitched hand dyed and commercial fabrics. Most comments/suggestions I have received the past few years have been I don't quilt enough. This time I listened as the there is very little that is not quilted.
I spent quite a bit of time exploring the web for Art Deco ideas before deciding to celebrate the return of the Alaska Red Salmon. Thank you Carol for hosting yet another inspiring challenge producing a nice variety of great quilts.
Comments and Suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Ann In Walnut, CA said...

Ths is fabulous! Each element of the fish is a visual surprise of "art deco-ness". The fins, top and bottom and the tail remind me of movie marquees. The scales add the drama that your fish demands. I feel that your quilt needs borders to contain the fish and give it boundaries. Any thoughts on doing this?

Sharon Robinson said...

What a fun interpretation of the copper river salmon. We eagerly await their arrival in our supermarket here in WA. ;) I was thinking maybe some rocks or other border elements around him would give him a direction?

fastfriday said...

I agree he needs some surround. I don't know what but something. Other wise it is beautiful. It appears to b metalic and free standing. Wonderful art deco.

Cherie in Del Mar said...

Love your fish! Your attention to the detail in the fins and tail as well as the "gills" is terrific. I agree with the others...he needs something to keep him from floating in space (maybe a little plant life floating in the water ?)

Pam Harris said...

Thank you for the suggestions. I am auditioning some possible borders and will probably do a Vikki Pignatelli type facing with some curves. I think that method will be much easier since the piece is already quilted. Also considering adding some rocks or vegetation and possibly some salmon colored beads to add to the spawning theme.

Louise said...

What an interesting piece with all the colors and the subject matter. The gill piece on the head is wonderful, and the use of metallic quilting really says fish scales. This is truly a creative and unique answer to a great challenge! I really like the interest which is created by the way in which you depicted the tail.