Monday, October 27, 2014


Supercalifragislisticexpialidocious, was a favorite childhood song from Mary Poppins.

 At the website, typed the text, Supercalifragislisticexpialidocious,chose the font, color and shape to create the design. Such Fun!


Louise Page said...

I remember that tongue twister! Very graphic and interesting movement. The choice of red really pops the quilt. Nice job.

Anne Sonner said...

A great word! I too remember it from my childhood. The other words, some of them about words, swirling around in the background, are interesting. Sort of like how we are surrounded by words coming at us from everywhere. Great quilt.

fastfriday said...

A very fun word. Love the way that you made it musical. I can almost hear the song.
Ticia Wicks