Monday, October 06, 2014

Z Barcode

12¾" x 16"

11/24 -- I updated this a bit by adding black and white beads around the inner edge of the border to emphasize the barcode pattern.  It very much perked up the piece, I think!
Original post

The most natural thing I could think of incorporating a bar code was a zebra, hence, Z Barcode!

I used two widths of black ribbon for the bar code, with a Micron pen to put in the smaller code stripes on the mane, head and legs.  The background is simply a dyed piece from my stash, and bordered with bias tape.  I sewed the basic zebra shape onto black to give it enough outline to stand out against the background, and used what I call the "scribble" stitch on my machine around the edge of the black.

I welcome your comments.


Meena said...

The zebra is so appropriate because of its black and white stripes.
Love the way you made the bar codes, too!

Anne Sonner said...

Such a fun interpretation! I love it!

Meena said...

The black and white beads look great!

Anne Sonner said...

The beads are great! They do emphasize the barcode pattern. If this was my zebra quilt, I would hang it on the wall as it would make me smile every day.