Sunday, November 30, 2014

WIP...The Kiss

I pulled this print on organza out last week. It's about 2 years old. Michael and Jenn  married in June, 2012. This ipic is of them at the wedding. I manipulated the it in into a cartoony image. 
The squares are 2" sewn with Kaffe Fassett's shot cottons. 
I plan to add circles to the squares with the lighter color fabric to mimic the dots on the print. 
I am loving the way this is moving along. 
Julie, of Red-Dog Enterprises printed the image for me. 
Spent a couple days at Julie's house this weekend. Her son was home on break. We all just hung out, knitted, crocheted, mono printed while Robbie worked tirelessly on homework! We watched  movies on Netflix. Such a great respite. Good for the soul. 
Jenn is teaching herself to knit!  She's made a scarf for herself and a hat for Maddi. I am cleaning out and sending her some yarn stash. 
Massage tomorrow. Diana Radley, on e main  St in Batavia is excellent if you thinking about getting or giving a gift to someone. 
I have learned:

1.  I miss knitting. Made a skinny scarf this weekend from a skein of yarn. 
2.  This Ferguson, MO. debacle is just a shameful commentary on race relations. 
3.  I want a Dons of Anarchy hoodie. Saw woman wearing one this weekend. 
4.  Mela is a tornado!
5.  Maddi is rolling over, right on target. 
6.  Season finale of " Homeland" season finale was a heartbreaker. 
7. Look up Annie Lennox's version of "I Put a Spell on You".  Great rendition. 

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