Sunday, March 28, 2010

Challenge 43 - Under the Sea

This was a great challenge! I love it when I get pushed out of my comfort zone. Although I have done many fishy quilts, I have never tried the "pillowcase" finish. I was amazed at how easy it was, and at how well it turned out.

I fused the fish down, and then did machine embroidery for the scales and texture. I used yarn with sequins and some "hairy" yarn for seaweed. I also cut some wavy strips, and fused them down, but their tops are not attached.

The fish bubbles are holographic sequins, and his eye is a copper washer and a black bead.

I will probably add some more beads, and I'm trying to think of something I can add to the fish, too.

The shape is a trapezoid, and the top measures about 18", the bottom about 16", and the height is 11"

I had so much fun doing this!

Marilyn Foulke
Louisville, KY


Pam Harris said...

Great thread work on your fish. He looks like he's quite pleased with his appearance. The dimensional seaweed and beads add some nice texture and sparkle. Pieced background and trapezoid shape adds additional interest.

I am pleased the "pillowcase" finish worked out for you.


Jan said...

Your goldfish seems to be thoroughly happy in his water environment. Your stitching on him provides just the right amount of detail. I also like the different textures/techniques you used on the plants.

Cherie in Del Mar said...

I love the beautiful complimentary colors and the feeling of motion your fish presents.

Betty Warner said...

I love many things about your work. The washer for the eye, the holographic beads the other embellishments, the stitching on the fish, and the wonderful shape of the fish. Great job!

LAQuilts said...

I like the thread work on the fish - I also like the trapezoid shape of the quilt.

Kathy Angel Lee said...

This fish looks like it's dancing and having a great time! The quilting and threadwork are really nice.