Monday, March 29, 2010

I had done a silk painting and wasn't quite as pleased with it as I though I would be. So off to the fusing basket for the seaweed, shells and sand. Freemotion stitching covered the background and I "cheated" with fabric markers to enhance the fish. Now I'm happy!!!!!

Jane Stricker


Pam Harris said...

I like your silk painted fish...good job. Your seaweed shows good depth and you have very nice quilting. Very bright and cheerful.


Cherie in Del Mar said...

Your fish are lovely, I don't consider enhancing them with markers cheating, only part of the process. Your use of decorative stitching adds so much to the texture of the sand etc. Pretty piece

Betty Warner said...

I also love your fish painted with markers. They are terrific. A pretty and interesting piece. Good job!

LAQuilts said...

Smart to save the fish with markers. Your additions seem to have made and improvement and added more interest.