Saturday, March 06, 2010

Snow in the Mountains

I don't know what to say about this except I think it needs something else but I don't know what. The snow and mountains are textured.

18-1/2" x 14"

In real life it is a nice rectangle -- my picture is wonky.


Cynthia Ann Morgan said...

Hi Betty, This is a lovely piece...I like the combination of the shaded colors with the bright blue sky. The texturing on the mountains is the wrinkling just ironed in or was there stitching involved?
As far as something about a faint crescent moon on the right the moon you see sometimes during the day
Great job!

Betty Donahue said...

Thank you, Cynthia.

The moon sounds good. I was thinking of a sun but thought it would be too harsh.

I don't know if I should make any changes to it now or not. I put it on Flickr and someone has fallen in love with it and wants to buy it..

Betty Donahue said...

Oh, to answer your wrinkling question, It was ironed in on the mountain. I had stitching in the snow but took it out after everything around it was sewn down.

Linda Mac said...

I like your crinkled mountains. Are they hand dyed? Great colors. This is a very nice piece.

Betty Donahue said...

Thank you Linda

No, not hand dyed. I had photo transferred something onto dry clean only paper backed fabric a long time ago - don't even remember what it was now - I run across it the other day and since it was the right color I decided to krinkle it. There was an awful lot of ink in the sink.


Jan said...

You could also add some small animal or bird in the foreground and maybe even carry it over into the border a bit to tie the two together. I like the effects you achieved. Did you use Misty Fuse to get your crinkles?

LAQuilts said...

I love your mountains. Very nice.

Betty Donahue said...

Thank y'all.
No, Jan, I just used plain old Wonder Under.

Betty Warner said...

I also love your mountains and the colors you chose. Good job!

Betty Warner

Carole said...

Great mpuntains!

Cherie in Del Mar said...

Oh I agree...Neat mountains! This is a technique I will certainly try!